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Time to head into the chan and make art!

I’ll be drawing all night, so feel free to take part!

While I respect your personal opinion I don't see myself hating any TES game. No matter what flaws are pointed out. It's still a fun, solid experience. But "too each his own, it's not for me to judge"- Raloph after picking the Mage stone

I criticize TES rather harshly, yes. Not gonna deny that.

But then, I’m probably older than you. When you get to be my age, you develop specific tastes, and you always compare everything you see to the BEST that you’ve ever seen.

After I played Planescape: Torment, the writing in almost every other RPG seemed juvenile by comparison. When I played Thief (the ORIGINALS, not the new abortion), every other stealth game seemed unimmersive.

So yeah. Objectively, Skyrim is a good game. But to oldschool gamers like me… Well, I’VE SEEN IT ALL.

*puff puff*

*puff puff*

fallout series> elder scrolls In my opinion at least. I feel like alot of people just call skyrim better cause magic and dragons are in it.

Magic and dragons are cool. But only if they don’t SATURATE the story they are in, like Skyrim.

As much as I despise Game of Thrones, I do give credit where it’s due… Magic is a very rare thing in that world, as are dragons. And that makes magic as a concept seem all the more mysterious and interesting. If everyone and their mother can hurl fireballs from their fingers and tear the sky asunder with lightning… what would make a dark overlord or ancient sorcerer so special? In worlds like that, Magic is so commonplace, it might as well not be there at all.

Playing some QWOP.

Come on … Come… on… Damn it!

Grrgh… Gghhhhhh!!!


RE: Elder Scrolls stuff: as far as engagement goes, character-driven stories and plots are super important, and the Elder Scrolls series is not terribly good about that. (ESO does okay in one of the three campaigns with that; you basically end up a spy, and your handler is charming and fun but it's still not something like say, a Bioware game as far as character-driven narrative goes.) To that end, how do you feel about the bioware rpgs? Mass Effect and Dragon Age?

Ever since the…… debacle with Mass Effect 3, and the sub-par writing in Dragon Age 2, I really don’t trust Bioware to make a good game anymore. I didn’t even bother finishing Mass Effect 2 when I’d heard about how ME3’s ending rendered all your decisions meaningless.

Pff. Call me when you get a RAINBOW ninja.

Pff. Call me when you get a RAINBOW ninja.

Someone asked me which Elder Scrolls games I’ve played that I found boring.

Well, Morrowind’s gameplay was a bit limited, given the technology at the time. So I can’t really be fair if I called that boring… It did have by far the most unique setting of the games. To this day, it’s the only RPG where I actually felt like I was in another world, instead of…… Europe.

But the thing that bothered me about Oblivion and Skyrim is, as I said before, that it doesn’t take chances. It’s just a standard fantasy plot about an ancient evil that wants to destroy the world. And while it’s fine to follow a formula, it’s boring when it’s comprised specifically of fetch quests and predictable plot points. Dragons, elves, and humans. Everything about the Elder Scrolls setting outside of Morrowind feels so… GENERIC.

It may come as no surprise that one of my favorite games, in terms of narrative… is Planescape: Torment. Available at GOG.com! I loved the story because although the main character is “The Nameless One,” it actually made you into a CHARACTER. One with several possible distinct personalities, and teammates that really brought meaning and depth to the story. You visited fantastic locations, engaged in epic confrontations both physical and verbal. But above all else, it made me care about the characters.

That’s why I never felt invested in the story of Oblivion and Skyrim. Sure, the graphics are good, but I didn’t really feel like an adventurer. I felt more like a delivery boy. Bring this thing to this place. Go to that place, talk to that guy. Go to this other place, talk to that guy and kill this guy. Nobody was really a character, nobody felt like an actual person.

You can have all the “whats” and “whos” in the world… But when it comes to keeping me interested, I want to know the “why.”

Like they say at Pixar: “STORY IS KING.”

Four commissions I did this week.

So you're a dude, and you're not fat

The pencil takes off about 50 pounds.

Time to sleep… When I wake up, I am going to have some curry.

I do like spicy food… Especially when it has flavor other than “spicy.” If you understand what I mean.

Self portrait. Behold, the wretched man behind the clown paint.

Self portrait. Behold, the wretched man behind the clown paint.

I must say, I’m surprised at how readily you kids bastardized your code of ethics in order to justify a morally dubious decision.

That was very grown-up of you!

This gamepad isn’t doing what I want it to.

But I think it’s the game’s fault, not the controller.

Fucking Ubisoft… I just want to play Rayman Legends with my new controller.