The WoW beta has updated human models. Show me your WAR FACE!
Needs work.

The WoW beta has updated human models. Show me your WAR FACE!

Needs work.

Using ask because I don't have a tumblr account. Choose your own adventure sounds pretty cool. Given the subject matter though, how much lewdness do you expect/would you allow?

To be honest……. I don’t know. Both on here and my other persona’s account, my sexy stuff doesn’t seem to get much attention these days. I feel kind of like I’m trying to fight a lake with my fists. And I train and I train my punches to be stronger, but the lake always wins.

… My analogies are not very good, sorry. Not feeling in very high spirits lately.

"Choose Your Own Adventure" Somnia virtual game?

Thinking of doing something interesting with this blog.

As attached as I am to my characters, I haven’t really…. DONE anything with them. I think perhaps a story is in order. But something a little more… unique.

Let’s say… a virtual “choose your own adventure” style game, with Jessie as the star. Basically, it’s like one of those old Sierra adventure games, with your suggestions acting as the command input. Of course, UNLIKE old Sierra games, the story would evolve as Jessie does things, the puzzles wouldn’t be ridiculously unintuitive, and he won’t die horribly in every scene.

For instance. Say Jessie is in the Somnia U courtyard, and there are some NPCs and various objects around. Based on what you see, you could submit an ask and have Jessie do something. You could “Read the bulletin board” or “Pick a flower” or “Look at tree” or the like.

"Talk to Tengka" would give a little dialogue tree:

>How are you?

>Ask about Pipe


Naturally I would add my own dialogue based on the choice, so Jessie doesn’t end up being a voiceless protagonist.

You would be able to access Jessie’s inventory as well.

Basically, you would learn about my characters, their personalities, their histories, their desires and beliefs, by controlling them yourselves.

Well, Tumblr?

What say you??

So "Five Nights at Freddy's" seems to be all the rage right now. What's your take on it? Is it the step in the right direction that indie-horror desperately needs, or is it yet another Slender derivative to add to the growing meaninglessness that is the horror game genre?

What the devil is “Five Nights at Freddy’s?” I don’t really keep up with indie games all that much.



welp, it all just got infinitely more interesting! ^_^ I can't wait to see it fully realized when you finally get to it! That part there about things affecting the thoughts of the dreamers tho, does that go to assume it is entirely possible we can blame hitler on a particularly angry and evil dreamwalker/wizard/magicgnome from somnia?(as it relates to your universe, not pretending its all real)

One COULD indeed assume such things. During the first two World Wars, Somnia was enduring a particularly cruel age of darkness and fear. Part of the reason dreamwalkers fight off nightmares is because bad dreams give way to cruel thoughts in the waking world. And when people have bad thoughts in the waking world, bad things happen in Somnia. Which causes MORE bad things to happen in the minds of the dreamers… and so on. It escalates. If it escalates out of control, an age of fear begins in both worlds. (And yeah, obviously.)



Video: Mario is a Jerk

Y-Yoshi……… ;_;…..

Even the koopa paratroopa thinks that is messed up.

Hi! I was wondering why you decided to name your world somnia, and what influenced you to do so. I understand the whole dreamscape element (as much as I can with what you have written) but I was curious as to how far that actually goes. Is everything dreamed up in the real world reality in somnia or just specific things that fit an overall theme? Also, are the actual 'people' that live in somnia personifications of dreams or are they sort of like 'dream avatars' of the people who dream it all?

Well if I ever get it together and actually make a comic about this, things will be more clear. But here is the “simplified” version, such as it is:

Somnia is basically a separate plane of existence outside of our time and space, sort of an astral plane created by all of humanity. A place your soul can get a glimpse of, but not physically inhabit. Affected by paradigm shifts and ideas. The people who live in Somnia are not “avatars” of the dreamers, as the dreamers sort of exist outside Somnia, subconsciously shaping it through their thoughts, like billions of mini-deities. Every star you see in Somnia’s sky is a dreamer. People are born and die every second, so the sky cannot be read. But it is ALWAYS night in Somnia. Because somewhere, someone is always dreaming.

Conversely, the events in Somnia can affect the thoughts of the dreamers as well, with varying degrees of influence. A dreamwalker could use a portal and travel directly into the mind of a dreamer to influence their thoughts, or the landscape itself could seep into their minds, like ink bleeding through paper. For instance, if a monstrously evil overlord managed to corrupt and pollute Somnia with his presence, it would usher in a new dark age in both worlds.

In this sense, there is no worship of a single “creator god” like there is in our world, but rather a sort of “supernatural symbiosis.” Somnia affects the dreamers, who affect Somnia. One hand washes the other. Or cuts the other. Of course, there are beings of supreme power that act as a sort of “pillar” for Somnia’s nature, who inspire reverence, but not direct worship. Yggdrasil is one such being, as is King Morpheus.

It’s a very difficult setting to put into words. Basically the jist of it is… If you can imagine something happening, chances are it has happened, is happening, or will happen in Somnia. And vice versa, to a different extent.

Wibbly wobbly dreamy-weamy stuff.

How far have you got into Wolfenstine : Nazi's in the 60's editon? i kinda want to ask about something relating to something appearing later in the game.

I just beat it. It’s… rather good.

Huh…. Steam is blue now.



Wolfenstein: New Order requires FIFTY GIGABYTES of hard drive space!?

What the dick!? What kind of crazy graphics are they implementing? That’s like, twice as much as World of Warcraft and ALL its expansions!

:’( Back when gaming was truly a community activity. Before the internet, before online multiplayer. When great gamers were a rare breed… When the world of games was a world separate from the mundane.

When everything was new.

It is an extremely common mistake. People think that the writer’s imagination is always at work, that he’s constantly inventing an endless supply of incidents and episodes; That he simply dreams up his stories out of thin air. In point of fact, the opposite is true. Once the public knows you’re a writer, they bring the characters and events to you.
"The Author," The Grand Budapest Hotel

Rrrrgh… I am going to beat this Skyrim expansion if it’s the LAST THING I EVER DO. I want to finish this so I can uninstall it and never play it again.