What Enemies in video games do you believe are overused and abused?

Rats and wolves. You see then in absolutely every single fantasy RPG ever. Usually in the first quest.

I FINALLY got through my old commission list. So I guess I can start taking new ones!

Sketch: $25.

Inks or Flat Color: $45.

"Painted" Sketch: $50.

Rendered Color: $85.

Full Painting: $225.


Extra Character: I won’t charge too much for this, if your character isn’t excessively complex. If you are unsure, ask me.

Complex poses: If your character is contorted up with another character like a pretzel, it could easily cost double.

Backgrounds: A simple gradient or “parchment” background will cost nothing. But if you want something crazy like a cityscape or a forest, it will cost extra. How much extra depends on how complex it is.

Feel free to send me a message if you want a commission. (Anons will not get responses regarding commissions. Post from an actual account, plz!)

Boring legal crap:

Don’t use the commissioned art for profit without my permission. Don’t post it on porn pay sites. Do not remove my signature. Do not request loli/shota stuff. Do not request bestiality(furries do not count, as they are sapient people). Do not request anything hateful/racist. Do not request too many changes to the pic. Do not leave the stove on overnight. Do not dry the laundry in the stove. Do not use the stove as a heater. I’m not allowed to use the stove anymore.

Can You Give Me Sketching Lesson(via.email, phone, photos, or video chat)

Before You Learn To Sketch, You Must Learn Not To Capitalize Every Word.

But to answer your question, no. I cannot give “lessons.” But I can recommend books, as I have…. ssssomewhere in this blog. Might wanna take a look.

How do you feel about Dark Souls?

I’m all for making a subset of “unreasonably difficult” games. But Dark Souls… I don’t even know what the actual story is, other than “everything is freaking terrible. Go kill some monsters.” So I can’t really give a fair opinion on it.

Heyhey. Do you get on Skype much anymore? Because I'm struggling with certain parts of anatomy that I can clearly see you excelling at, and I have some lengthy, specific questions.

I’m always on Skype in the afternoons and the wee hours of the morn.

I’m just always invisible, because I want to avoid confrontation. If you know me, you know that I (the person behind the character) tend to rub people the wrong way.

So yeah. If I don’t appear to be online… I’m probably online.

And now I’m sad, so I’m gonna go play Wildstar.

Scribbles. This pencil seems to work well at high resolutions.

You inspire me. Honestly. Keep doing what your doing. Fuck the haters.

Now now… Haters gonna hate, but sometimes haters have good reasons to hate. They usually don’t, but sometimes they do. So don’t dismiss “haters” on principle!

( 1/2 ) to keep themselves going, too, not everybody who wants to help is able. A lot of those people could have been poor or homeless themselves. You don't have to look like a dumpster dweller to be financially unwell/ desperate. Like... regardless of "messages" it's a shitty thing to do. I'm not trying to criticize you, so I hope you don't feel like I am, but I'm genuinely asking what you think people should be doing in that situation otherwise? Kind of wondering if you even know what, either.

The point of the gif series wasn’t that “You should be helping the poor at all times, all the time.”

The point was that people will “care” about something only if they believe their sensibilities have been offended. In this case “fuck the poor” was almost like a direct attack on their beliefs. The signboard was almost like a direct attack on the viewer.

That was the message. That if you don’t care enough to help people in need when they ask nicely, then you didn’t really care at all. Because the sad mentality is that the more you TALK about being a good person, the less you have to actually BE one. The guy with the sign was merely calling the people out on their hypocrisy.

( 1/1 ) So, out of curiosity, concerning that "fuck the poor" thing you reblogged... what exactly are people supposed to do otherwise in that situation? Instead of being there, instantly being elsewhere, doing something charitable? Do you really think even people who regularly do what they can for the less fortunate would want to look at that guy or confront him? Or even the poor themselves? There are literally even people telling him what he's doing is counterproductive. And people need money

You realize you are doing EXACTLY what those people in the GIF series were doing by telling me this, right?

Your hat is weird

My hat… IS AWESOME!!!!


Your FACE is weird.

Hey, you seem like a big, fat nerd. Do you like Magic: The Gathering? If not the card game, what about the artwork? It's rare to see high fantasy art like that anywhere else nowadays.

….. I haven’t played that since I was in Grade 7. :|

One of these days, I should check and see if my old cards are still worth money.

And I’d have to respectfully disagree with you about good fantasy art being rare.

I think the reason you perceive fantasy art as rare… is because there’s so much of it these days. With the internet showing off every artist everywhere, the market has become so utterly saturated with fantasy art that we barely even notice it anymore.

The selection of fantasy art is better than it’s ever been. Used to be you couldn’t see that sort of thing outside of a Frank Frazetta art book, or Nintendo Power. But because we’re exposed to it practically non-stop today, we’ve learned to tune it all out without realizing it. In that regard, fantasy art has becomes much less “magical,” and more mundane and common.

Just my two cents.

Here’s a mighty warrior facing off against a demon.


This is a drive by compliment: You've got a really awesome art style and character and you're a pretty nice person OwO also I'm too scared to come off anon cause then you'd know who I am and you'd be able to see my terrible art







So fucking powerful.

can’t get over this

We don’t care that much sorry :^)

Tumblr culture in a nutshell.

Do you have someone to attack? Someone’s offended you? TUMBLR LEGIONS, ASSEMBLE!

Is there someone who actually needs a helping hand? Pff. Not our problem.

It’s so much easier to condemn than it is to actually help.